Who is aly and aj dating

This couple is unjustly overlooked in Disney Channel couple history, okay? AJ revealed the secret to Buzz Feed during a game of sister challenge.

"No one knows he was my first kiss," she told Buzz Feed. I hereby dub them AJoe, Disney Channel's most underappreciated couple.

Raised in Seattle, Washington, the twosome have been exposed to a wide variety of music at a very young age to then develop a strong passion for music since.

"I think it started when we were three and five," Alyson revealed.

"Just singing in church together and in school plays." As the fondness bloomed increasingly afterwards, the Michalka sisters enthusiastically attached themselves to learn playing piano and later guitars while also trying their hands at composing songs.

"We were always performing," Alyson continued to recall. Rock the House.'" This excitement of entertaining people around them inevitably generated a new interest for both girls that was none other than acting.

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When it comes to Disney Channel couples, you thought you knew them all.

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“He was always around our house, obviously because we were dating,” Aly, 27, tells ET.

“And he was like, 'There's something here that needs to be captured on film, so let's create a movie about your sisterhood and the relationship the two of you have, which is very unique.’”“It's a little brave, some of it,” AJ, 25, admits.


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