Updating quickbooks on a server

Another issue resolved by this release dealt with email-related problems when Quick Books could not connect to the email server when emailing using web mail, most commonly a Yahoo email address.

When using web mail, after entering your email password, users were getting errors ranging from 'couldn't connect to email service', to 'unable to send your form' messages.

The manual update downloads are available from the Intuit Quick Books Downloads and Updates website.

Among these are a number of updates to Bank Feeds, support for Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (Service Pack 1), partial payments for E-payments on the Intuit Payments site, 1099-Misc E-filing using Tax1099.com, and enhancements to scheduled reports.

Most changes were minor bug fixes and spelling corrections.

The main change, however, is the update to the security update that modifies how password management works, allowing you to stay “logged in” for a specific period of time without having to reenter your password.

What I’m seeing reported is that performance of the Quick Books add-on product gets slower and slower, as the data flow from the Quick Books database slows down.

Eventually Quick Books itself will crash (several different error messages have been reported).

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This release includes updates, improvements and fixes to Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Accountant versions of Quick Books desktop software.Sometime last week users of Quick Books desktop versions began reporting messaging indicating that they needed to update for a critical fix to a security issue identified in all Windows versions of Quick Books desktop software (the Mac versions were not impacted, nor did this impact Quick Books Online).Those messages were legitimate notifications from Intuit.After updating, some Users began to report an update loop error where the update doesn't install and keeps telling them to update.In one such case, involving one of my own clients, we uninstalled Quick Books completely, reinstalled it from the last release download, and then the client was able to go right back to work without attempting the new update again.The message read, "Intuit has identified, and is implementing an update to address a security vulnerability in Quick Books desktop software." It went on to say, "For supported versions of Quick Books desktop, Intuit has begun the process of proactively notifying customers of the steps required to install an update, which is designed to address the security vulnerability." The process for resolving this security vulnerability was to 'Update Quick Books' to the newest release, making absolutely certain that your update settings included the 'Maintenance Releases and Critical Fixes' functionality.


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