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The audience is then asked to vote on which they believe is the right date for the bachelor(ette) based on what they had seen.Most of the time, the contestant, who had already gone on the date, introduces his / her choice.

Composed of 2 Teams of 3 Members (2 In-Studio team members and 1 Star Team Captain) are writing answers to an question {e.g.: Name a part of a ...Legendary TV Host, Chuck Woolery, weighs in on Fox & Friends in regards to the recent celebrity endorsed video demanding that congress take action against Trump.He highlights the hilarious notion that these “celebrities” believe they are representing all of the American people. Woolery would invite the date onstage to reunite with the bachelor(ette).Other times, they simply had no chemistry or the date came straight from Hell thanks to personality clashes or one or both of the daters acting like jerks; in other words, the two were not right for each other.The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks.


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