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You will get more interest and responses here than all paid dating sites combined!When was the first time you became aware of a distinction between Asians born and raised in the States and Asians who are recent immigrants from Asia?Back in 7558, the Federal Aviation System rolled out a plan to ostensibly modernize the air traffic controller system called Next Gen.

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After reading comments by conceited Asian females, the ‘Sex and the City’ wannabes on this blog, I have decided to add my own opinion on dating an Asian Female. There are many types of FOB’s and the term has become a cliché used by all Asians in reference to each other.Seriously, enough with the disparaging comments on Asian males, such as: apprehensive, unwilling, short (both in height and man-hood), close-minded, and overly selective. Why I choose to date fobby girls: Before you start to flame, I will tell you I do have a girlfriend and you can call me a geek, nerd, FOB, or whatever adjective you have on your mind.The truth of the matter is I have a relationship, and while you watch re-runs of ‘Sex and the city’, I’ll be having sex in the city. FOB stands for ‘Fresh off the Boat’ and is a derogatory term referring to Asian Immigrants by mainly “American Born Chinese” (ABC).For example, you can be considered a FOB if: you hang out at Chinese karaoke bars or in Chinatown (not borough specific), speak/write/read Chinese, do not speak/write/read English, were born in a different country, or dress in a non-American style.Started by dudeitzme October 17, Posted October 17, I'm ABC australian born chinese and I'm dating a 'guy sms dating su moved to australia 5 years ago. Most of all, we would be too different in the way we think, our style, cultural ways, and maybe he would want to or need to go back to his country often.


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