Japansex chat

We also have other language tables in daily rotation!Mon: English - Russian - Portuguese Tue: English - Spanish - Italian Wed: English - French - Hindi Thu: English - German - Russian Fri: English - French - German Sat: English - Spanish - Italian - Japanese Availability : Monday to Saturday, from 6pm to 11pm I work in a language cafe in Tokyo, which has been around for over 30 years. Here you can concentrate on having a great conversation without caring about age, job, or nationality.Japan's Line Corp said its number of monthly active users fell from the previous quarter, its first such decline, underscoring the messaging app operator's struggles to grow outside its home country since last year's high-profile IPO.While Line's messaging app, known for electronic stickers of a brown bear and his rabbit girlfriend, is popular in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia, the company has lost out to rival apps in many other countries.

The operator of the world's seventh most-used messaging app listed first in New York in a move widely seen as a sign of determination to challenge global peers and eventually expand beyond strongholds of Japan and Southeast Asia.Line, which is controlled by South Korea's Naver Corp, did not provide a forecast for the current business year, citing a rapidly changing industry.The company is moving to embed more of its services, such as payments and news, within the main messenger app as it seeks to capitalise on advertising opportunities and encourage users to think of Line as more than just a way to chat to friends.In a living room atmosphere, you will be able to have a relaxing talk about a variety of subjects, ranging from languages to social issues.You can enjoy talking in multi-languages and deepen your cultural understanding.Usually, Japanese people can't speak English very well, but the people in our cafe can speak fluent English.


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